Who is Muhammad?

Muslims believe that the last prophet sent by God to mankind was Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him. At 40 years old, he received the revelation of God. Since then, he spent the rest of his life explicating, and living the commandments of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him , personified the greatest of all prophets for numerous reasons, but primarily because ihe was chosen by God to be the last prophet — whose mission to guide humankind continue until the Last Day — and because he was sent as a mercy to all mankind. The effect of his mission has brought in more people into the pure belief in One God than any other prophet. From the earliest times, God had sent prophets to the world, each to his specific people. However, the Prophet Muhammad was sent as the final Messenger to all of mankind. Continue reading Who is Muhammad?

What is the Qur’an?

The Qur’an is the final revelation of God Almighty to all mankind, which was transmitted through the Archangel Gabriel in Arabic to the Prophet Muhammad in sound, word and meaning. The Qur’an (sometimes spelled incorrectly “Koran”) was transferred to the Prophet’s Companions, who memorized so diligently to literally written and compiled meticulously. The Qur’an has been continually recited by the companions of the Prophet and his successors to the present. In short, the Qur’an is the revealed Book of God addressed to all humanity for their guidance and salvation. At present, the Qur’an remains memorized and taught by millions. The language of the Qur’an, Arabic, is a living language spoken by millions of people. Unlike the scriptures of other religions, the Qur’an is still read in its original language by countless people. The Quran is a living miracle in the Arabic language, and is known to be inimitable in its style, form and spiritual impact , as the only scientific knowledge it contains. Continue reading What is the Qur’an?