God in Islam

Who Is The God Of Islam?

Often the word Allah is mentioned when talking about the God of Islam. The word “Allah” is merely the transliteration of the Arabic word for God Almighty, and it is the equivalent name used by Christians and Arabic-speaking Jews. As a matter of fact, the word Allah was widely utilized before there was the word God, as the English language is a comparatively new language. If you read the Arabic translation of the Bible, you would see that the word “Allah” is used. For example, Arabic-speaking Christians allege that Jesus Christ is, according to their beliefs, the “Son of Allah”.

Furthermore, the Arabic word ” Allah” is interchangeable to the word God in other Semitic languages. In Hebrew, the word God is “Elohim” and in Aramaic, the word used is “Alaha”. For various reasons, some people believe that Muslims worship a god other than the God of Moses, Abraham and Jesus. That is a misconception because the tawhid (pure monotheism) of Islam calls upon every people to worship the God of Israel, the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all other prophets, peace be upon them all. In Islamic literature published in English, it is most common to find that the transliteration of Allah and the English word God oftentimes applied interchangeably but in order to not confound our readers, we will stick to the English word “God”.

Muslims believe that God is Unique and Exalted beyond any speculative understanding, definitely has no partners, colleagues, peers, antagonists or offspring. According to Muslim belief, Allah “does not beget nor was He begotten”, neither literally, allegorically, metaphorically, physically or metaphysically. He is Absolutely Unique and Eternal. Has control of everything and is utterly capable of conferring His boundless Mercy and His infinite Atonement on whom He wills. God has created the Universe for man, and as such wishes the best for all humanity. Muslims see everything in the Universe as a sign of Creation and Benevolence of Almighty God. Likewise, the belief in the Oneness of God is not merely a theoretical concept . It is a dynamic belief that bears upon our vision of humanity, society and all facets of practical life. A logical corollary to the Islamic belief in the Oneness of Allah, is the belief in the equality of men.